Charlotte Emma Collins.

A freelance graphic designer.

Six years industry experience.

Specialising in web design, print & branding.


— Charlotte Emma Collins

Hi, my name is Charlotte, I am 27 and have recently moved to Queensland from the UK. 

I have a strong background in customer service, publishing and fashion, working for companies such as ASOS and River Publishing. I received a 2.1 in Fashion Journalism at the University of Southampton Solent in 2012 and since then I have been working as a designer for the digital agency Ether Creative

I have a keen eye for detail, fashion and print design, having learnt the basics at University. However, soon my passion grew to web design and branding. I learnt how to use photoshop to design websites, illustrator for branding and graphics and print layouts in Indesign. 

I then progressed to learn how to create EDM’s in Campaign Monitor, use Sketch to design and Invision to prototype websites, as well as creating a huge variation of printed materials from business cards to brochures. 

I also have skills in corporate design work creating slide decks in powerpoint, using my journalism degree to enhance websites with copy and content and also overseeing projects within the Agency. My extensive time at Ether Creative has allowed me to build great relationships with our clients and really hone my craft. 

Overall my wide set of skills and expertise allowed me to see the projects through from start to finish and liaise with clients and our developers throughout. During my time at Ether Creative, we won many awards for outstanding work in design and development, some of which I was solely responsible for.  I have great communication skills and understanding of what a client is looking for. I am able to not only design for the client and their business needs, but also understand their customers to deliver at a more personal level.

I hope you find that my work speaks for itself and if you want to know more, just give me a shout. CV and client/ work references are available at request.